Why inductors cannot be used to store energy ?

Let us consider storage and transport of energy.

The passive components of electrical circuits are only:

This is all of the passive components that appear in electrical circuits, and the electrical characteristics of cables are determined just by resistance, capacitance, and inductance.

Resistance consumes energy, therefore clearly cannot be used to store and transport energy.

In contrast, capacitance and inductance does not consume energy, therefore may be usable in storage and transport of energy. In fact, electric double-layer capacitors are actually used to store large amounts of electrostatic energy. Electric shock accidents may happen if we measure the insulation resistance of long coaxial cables and forget to discharge afterwards, therefore many insulation resistance testers have mechanisms to discharge after testing, and there is an instruction to discharge after testing if there are no such mechanisms.

However, inductors such as coils cannot store magnetic energy and then transport to other places.

Both capacitors and inductors do not consume energy; however the latter cannot store electric energy. In other words, electrostatic energy can be stored statically, whereas magnetic energy cannot be stored.

Why cannot we store magnetic energy ?

This is the problem.

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